The “A” in AH Creations!


     For a while now I’ve been posting things under the title of “AH! Creations”.  Some of you may already know the story behind that, but for those who don’t my fiance’s mother suggested the name to us, because his last name begins with “A” and mine “H”.  Put them together and you get “AH!”, as in aha.  It’s meant to bring to mind that moment of inspiration that leads to creativeness. 

Unfortunately for Beau, his side of the AH hasn’t been doing much that can get public attention.  It’s true he does the felt and sculpey work for my amigurumis, but that isn’t all he does.  He loves writing and drawing.  Some of you may also remember the first drawing he gave me is posted on this blog.  He’s done four years worth of other ones for me since then along with some for himself.  Since Summer = free time for us I finally convinced him to make a blog of his own to show off some of the stuff he does.  I hope you’ll all give it a look, his first post is about a novel he’s trying to get published and as a new, struggling, unpublished, college student writer he needs a little encouraging… or a lot.

Here is a link to his new blog= The other half of AH Creations-


Works of Love

For the first six months of our relationship, Beau and I were seperated by almost 200 miles. He was in Morgantown for his freshman year and I was enjoying my senior year in Saint Albans. Since Valentine’s Day was a Tuesday we both knew there was no way we could spend the day together, other than chatting on AIM like we always did. I wasn’t really expecting to receive anything from him either, so when I went to my mail box I was surprised to find a large manilla envelope amongst the usual letters. First I was just excited to be getting mail, and then curious about what he had sent me. When I opened it I found a note along with this picture wrapped in wax paper to protect it. He later told me this was the first time he’d ever given someone a drawing he’d done and since then I have received dozens.

He gave me a tiger lily, because those are my favorite flowers. To date I have received four tiger lily pictures (one for every Valentine’s Day since we started dating). This is the first of the drawings he’s done for me that I will post on here. More to come later!