Works of Love

For the first six months of our relationship, Beau and I were seperated by almost 200 miles. He was in Morgantown for his freshman year and I was enjoying my senior year in Saint Albans. Since Valentine’s Day was a Tuesday we both knew there was no way we could spend the day together, other than chatting on AIM like we always did. I wasn’t really expecting to receive anything from him either, so when I went to my mail box I was surprised to find a large manilla envelope amongst the usual letters. First I was just excited to be getting mail, and then curious about what he had sent me. When I opened it I found a note along with this picture wrapped in wax paper to protect it. He later told me this was the first time he’d ever given someone a drawing he’d done and since then I have received dozens.

He gave me a tiger lily, because those are my favorite flowers. To date I have received four tiger lily pictures (one for every Valentine’s Day since we started dating). This is the first of the drawings he’s done for me that I will post on here. More to come later!


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