Chill Pill Pattern

I’ve posted on Etsy some shade and sign packs! Make your own chill pill by using these.

The shades are 2 inches wide with heat n bond on the back for extra durability. (These shades are used with parfait chunky yarn…If you use different yarn you may need larger eyes and signs, message me for larger sizes). The sign is laminated paper for you to attach to the chill pill.


Claw Machine-Small Pocket Farm Animals

I bought a claw machine to use for events! Emmie Sue Designs got me all interested in it. I am doing a fair later in July and thought some farm animals would be a huge hit in the claw machine. The claw machine works as follows:

Price is $5 to play

You get only one plushie per turn.

There are no losers! If you don’t get a prize from the machine you get to choose from my on hand claw machine inventory.

I am excited to include my pocket sized farm animals to the claw machine. You can make your own pocket animals by visiting my Etsy. Click here to check out the pattern:

Claw Machine-Small Pocket Farm Animals Pattern

Bigfoot Pattern

I will be attending the Bigfoot Festival in Sutton, WV this June! I immediately went hunting for a Bigfoot pattern but could not find any that met my needs…hence, here we are. I will be creating other mythical monsters in the future too…so stay tuned for those. You can find the pattern over on etsy using the link below. Check out how cute he turned out and if you choose to make one please share so we can see all the lovely creations. I did use Parfait Chunky to make him a decent size, however, he can still be used with acrylic size 4 yarn, but you will have to change hook size.


Easter Eggs

Round 1: Sc 6 in Magic Ring

Round 2: *2 sc in each sc* around (12)

Round 3: *sc, 2 sc in next sc* around (18)

Round 4: *sc 2, 2 sc in next sc* around (24)

Rounds 5-6: *sc in each sc* around (24)

Round 7: *sc 10, dec across next 2 sc* around (22)

Round 8: *sc 9, dec across next 2 sc* around (20)

Rounds 9-10: *sc in each sc* around (20)

Round 11: *sc 3, dec across next 2 sc* around (16)

Round 12: *sc in each sc* around (16) start stuffing the egg

Round 13: *sc 2, dec across next 2 sc* around (12)

Round 14: *sc, dec across next 2 sc* around (8)

Round 15: *dec across next 2 sc* around (4)


Easter eggs are so versatile so feel free to make color changes to make various designs. The striped eggs changed colors for rounds 9 and 10 and then back to the main color.

This pattern is an original pattern by Shelly Armstrong/Epic Yarns. Please do not claim it as your own. Feel free to print off a copy of the pattern for personal use but do not post it on your site. Feel free to post pictures on the Facebook page when projects are completed.