Bella’s Twilight Tobogan

This was a project I did a long time ago, but never got around to posting it.  School= Black hole of time.  Thankfully, now that it is summer, I should be able to share more things.  With Eclipse coming out soon, I thought I should post this for all those Twilight lovers out there.  If you recall the scene at La Push Beach in Twilight, Bella was wearing a crocheted tobogan.  I have seen others try to make it and thought I could make it more accurate to the movie version, so I made my own.  It came in handy with the epic snow we got during the winter this year.  I liked mine so much I made a smaller version for Slush (the stuffed Puppy who loves Twilight in previous posts).  I’ll be sure to add pics of hers later.  For now though here’s mine, hope you like it and hopefully I will be posting many more projects in days to come.


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