The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks

I have been hooked on reading Nicholas Sparks books ever since I read A Walk To Remember.  After reading a few more, I can’t help but think that I’m an addict, reading a book in a couple of days and wanting to read another just as I finish.  Therefore, I’m posting the most recent book of his that pulled at my heart-strings at the end.  Throughout the novel, I experienced a variety of emotions from pure delight to deep sadness to thinking there are some crazy people in the world (and hoping these people don’t live next door to me).  As I read the book, I told Beau, in detail what was happening in the book (probably to the point he was sick of me telling him every detail). He soon started asking me what happened in the next parts I was reading.  When I reached the end of the novel, I cried on his shoulder for what appeared to  be  a lifetime, but was only a few minutes. He was very kind and didn’t laugh at my silliness   I have read many of his books, however, none have made me cry.   I hope the next book I read of his is just as good or better.  Though it will be hard to top this one.


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