My First Amigurumi!

I finished my first Amigurumi today! I went old school and made the Goomba from Super Mario.  I found the pattern at

I changed up the stuffing recipe, since I had no pellets or beads I used scented crystals which are available at most stores in the candle aisle.  It makes the Goomba smell really nice. Also, it is very sturdy and a little bit heavier than if I had used beads or pellets, which makes it less likely to fall over.  However, I didn’t like the way the eyes and eyebrows were done on this Goomba, so I made my fiance(Beau, who is also crafty it turns out) make the different face for it.  Then instead of sewing it on, I hot glued it.  Already, I’m getting orders for a Mario and Luigi.  Maybe when its finished I can make a little scene.