Crochet Angel Bag Holder


Over the summer, Beau’s mom needed help cleaning up the attic.  While cleaning, his mom found pillowcases her mom had embroidered.  One was so moth eaten that she reluctantly decided to throw it away.  We rescued it from the trash without her knowing and every month since then I have been working on making an angel bag holder to stitch it onto.  I finished just in time for christmas and gave it to her as a gift.  She was so happy, she was in tears.  She had it hung up immediately, and now brags about it to everyone who will listen.  I’m really glad she enjoyed it, I was very nervous about it and kept asking Beau if he thought it was okay and pretty, probably enough times to drive him crazy.  I started to use a pattern online but didn’t like it and came up with my own.  Also, I have found some new techniques to improve on it since then.


5 thoughts on “Crochet Angel Bag Holder

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