Blizzard ’10

Friday morning we woke up at 5:30 am because I had to go to my PDS(Professional development school).  However, at about 6:45, the girl I with to our PDS and I decided that we shouldn’t go because the snow was supposed to start soon.  I returned to the apartment to find Beau working on his project due at 3 on Friday still.  Around 9, WVU announced that they were cancelling classes after 1:00.  We celebrated and went to the few classes we had.  We got back around 12:30 and stayed in, checking the snow periodically.  Midway into Saturday, it looked like this outside.  AWESOME! However, not so awesome for the people who got stuck trying to go up Mountain Valley’s hill.  Sunday morning, we tried to get up to go to church and realized we had to dig 2 feet of snow from around the car.  It took about 3 hours because we have no shovel, Beau broke the broom trying to shovel with it.  : (    At least it is fun to roll down the hill behind our apartment and fortunately, we don’t have to go anywhere today.  Tomorrow, EHHH!  Hopefully we’ll be able to get out, because I now have to double time at my PDS tomorrow, don’t know if its going to happen : (

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Lions, Tigers and Bears in WV, OH MY!



These are all of the pictures that I took at the WV zoo.  I know its alot to look at on the page.  The Hovatters Wildlife Zoo is located near Kingwood, WV. On the way to the Morgantown Mall, we saw a sign advertising for the zoo.  We had no clue there was a zoo in WV, so we hurried home and looked it up. This zoo was nothing like we expected but it was still fun.  It isn’t like the Cinncinatti zoo, but it has a good selection of animals.  No aquatic animals, but all of the above animals in the pictures.  It was pretty cool because the prairie dogs dug holes out of their cage and into others so they could roam around the zoo.  Also, some of the baby goats were out and about, and liked to follow everyone around.