Beau’s Birthday

So I know I’m a little late in posting this, but my Mom will be glad I finally did.  Beau’s B-day was in August and I wanted to make him a nice cake for his birthday but was scared to try and conquer it myself, so I drafted my Mom into helping me create a cake that he would love.   I wanted to use fondant but it was way too expensive for  my broke budget, so I found a way to make marshmallow fondant, not as easy to work with but came out nicely.  It took around four-five hours to make and the end result is much better than I could have ever done by myself.  So I thank my Mom for helping me create these cakes, and making Beau very happy.  Yoda and the Indiana Jones Hat are sitting in our freezer, he doesn’t want to eat them!


Picture 0425 1 box of yellow cake

1 can of vanilla frosting

green and black food coloring

ziploc bag


Directions:  Bake cake as directed by box…let cool.  Take cake out of pan and cut shapes for head, nose, and ears and place them accordingly.  Take some of the frosting and mix with green food dye in a bowl.  In a separate bowl mix frosting with black food dye.  Cover the cake with green icing and black icing as desired.  For the stitches use the ziploc bag and cut a hole in the bottom of one bag to use to squeeze out the icing in the desired shape.

This was a difficult cake to make because of all the pieces.  However, the end product turned out really cute and tasty.