My husband published a book!


Some of you may have read that my husband is a writer in his spare time and has been trying to get a book published.   Last year, a book he entered in the 2013-2014 CrossBooks Writing Contest won first place.  He received a free publishing package and the book went live late last month!  It is available online (,,, Barnes&, and a host of international sites) and by request at major bookstores (BooksAMillion and Barnes&Noble).  He has been crazy busy lately trying to get things organized for a newspaper article and a book signing.  The article came out last Friday in our local newspaper and the book signing’s flyer is above.  With all this going on, he just finished up his Master’s Degree in Creative Writing while helping me prep the house for our new addition coming in March.  Yeah…lots of changes headed our way!  We are excited to see what the rest of the year brings us (including some baby crochet patterns…hopefully).

Publication Press Release

Amazon Book Page

Local Newspaper Article


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