Many New Amigurumis

This summer I was pretty busy with doing new amigurumis. At the beginning of the Summer I had only done 4 (Goomba, Toad, Luigi, and Mario), and by the end I had finished 12, with 5 more nearing completion. I’ve already posted one of them, Espeon. With school starting now I wanted to go ahead and get these online as well.
The first newly completed amigurumi is the pokemon Ampharos (mine’s level 60 lol). He’s pretty cool and turned out really well. Beau was happy because he had pretty little to do for him too.

Of course when I started making pokemon I had to set aside the time to make Jigglypuff. To my surprise she turned out a little smaller than I expected, but is pretty cute.

Another quick project was Chain Chomp. In contrast to Ampharos Beau was pretty frustrated with the amount of felting he required. The teeth gave him fits, but I really like how the eyes turned out. We also learned a new way to make the felted eyes compress better, so they look more like one piece instead of severals.

The pokemon that opened the door to me doing Espeon was of course Wolfdreamer’s Umbreon (mine’s level 59 haha). We tried making a little nose for her, but eventually settled on just adding the eyes and yellow rings. No complaints here though, she’s very cute.

My favorite amigurumi of the summer, by far, has to be Yoshi! He was actually the first one I finished this summer, but I had to save him for last. While making him I learned that I had been doing the stitches for amigurumis wrong for some time and found I could do them much, much quicker now. Plus Yoshi turned out awesome.


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