Toy Story 3

What can I say about this movie?  Alot of people say that sequels can never be as good as the original, however, this movie was even better than the original.  After receiving Toy Story 2 dvd/blu ray combo back from Beau, that had a free ticket attatched to see this movie, we were so excited to go.  The theatre was packed with lots of kids, and we almost felt like outcasts, but we didn’t care.  We laughed out loud, and yes, I teared up a little during certain parts(don’t want to give anything away).  It was a great way to have Andy leave off for college and the toys go through seperation.  My only complaint is that, there were so few characters from the original, but it still had the major ones that everyone loved.  (I still missed seeing Bo-Peep).  The new characters added a new flair to the movie.  Overall, I recommend this movie to anyone and everyone and can’t wait until I can see it again.


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