Monster Mash

Picture 04401 chicken breast

4 potatoes

1 can of peas

1 can of corn


1 tbs of butter

1 can cream of chicken

3 tsp of cajun seasoning

1 tsp of chili powder

1 tsp of garlic

1 roll of crescent rolls

green food coloring

Directions:  Cut up potatoes into small pieces.  Boil potatoes until soft.  Cook chicken while potatoes are cooking add 1 tsp of cajun seasoning, 1 tsp of garlic, 1 tsp of chili powder.  Shape crescent rolls to look like monster hand and dye green  hand and place in oven according to package.  Mash potatoes adding milk and butter and stir until thick and creamy.  Add peas, corn and chicken.  Stir together, heat the cream of chicken in a separate dish and add the 2 tsp of cajun seasoning. Place mixture on plate and pour cream of chicken over it as gravy.  Place the monster hand on top.  Enjoy!


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