Mummy Dogs

package of hot dogs

tube of crescent rolls



Dijon Mustard



Directions:  Break hot dogs in half.  Flatten out crescent rolls into square and cut thin strips.  Take the strips and wrap around hot dogs as desired.  Grease cookie sheet and place in oven according to crescent roll directions.  While that is cooking mix the ingredients of the dip together.  When mummy dogs are done.  Take a ziploc bag and put a little bit of mustard in it and cut a small slit at the end of the bag to help put eyes on the mummies.  Simple and yummy!

Beau didn’t listen when I told him to wait before I came up with the ziploc bag idea and his eyes came out a little off but still look cool.  They were really yummy and the dip was surprisingly tasty also.  However, I think there is such a thing as too many hot dogs in ones tummy at a time.  I got so full!


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